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Bald Is Beautiful & B.F.D.A. @ The Apollo Theater

I am so excited to have been on the legendary Apollo Theater stage! It has been graced by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Rev. Al Green, Aretha, Chaka, Maya Angelou, Smokey, Celia, and the list just goes on and on and on — and now you can add my name, baby! Woah!

The Black Fashion Designers Association put on an fantastic show and I wore clothing from funky to couture by designers Tyrell Mason, Anthony Eastwick, Abou Dia, Her Game Apparel, Bill Witherspoon, and Cantore Designs. Yummy, what fun!

Go to the Runway Gallery to see the photos!

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A cancer benefit scene, during which Kim Catrall’s character, Samantha, is a guest speaker and, after enduring hot flashes and dripping sweat “all over her couture”, decides to remove her wig in front of everyone. A number of cancer patients/survivor attendees follow suit in solidarity, approval, and pride. Not only was I one of the bald gals featured in that part, but I was also asked by special request of the casting director to bring in the other bald women for this special scene, because they specifically wanted real cancer patients and/or survivors to make the scene more powerful and meaningful for everyone – cast, crew, and audiences alike. The whole day was extremely powerful, emotional, beautiful, and I am honored to have been a part of it on so many levels. It was a cry-hug-fest all day! Airing on Feb 15th, it was the second-to-last episode of the show’s final season.

On a sidenote: in gathering the women for the scene, I made a special point of connecting with members of the wonderful support organization/community, Gilda’s Club, in the hopes that our presence en masse, so-to-speak, would give me a platform to request some visibility/awareness for this wonderful organization of which I was a member, and now a volunteer and advocate, and a huge fan! To my amazement and joy, they surpassed my hopes and expectations for a website mention by placing an entire paragraph (which I had written) about Gilda’s Club on the official HBO/Sex & The City website on that episode’s page (episode #93, at the end of the episode synopsis)! Now millions of people who will continue to go to that site will be able to read about Gilda’s Club and have a phone number and web address to get more information about this incredible organization. Click HERE to check it out the S&TC mention!

Kim Catrall with the Beautiful Baldies!


I’m SO excited to have been featured in the music video for the song “Love’s Divine” by Seal! The theme of the song is about the power of Love to transcend and transform us, within ourselves and in our relationships with others. Take it to bridge! My featured role comes at the bridge of the tune and was specifically designed around my Bald Is Beautiful project (big shout out to Stephanie Bargas for making that happen!) and the idea of how to visually depict Self-Love. The director, Sanji, has amazing vision and talent. And of course, Seal is INCREDIBLE! The lyrics of this song are powerful and moving, and I’m just so jazzed to be in the vid!

“Love’s Divine” is a song from the awesome album, Seal IV. The original video was released in Europe and Japan in Fall 2003, but a new U.S.-ready edit was created and began airing on VH-1 and other music video outlets all over the U.S. in February this year! I hear it’s in heavy rotation at the H&M stores too (hee-hee)! Yahoo!

Check out the music video here:

Bald Is Beautiful @ Olympus® 2004 Fall Fashion Week

I did several very cool off-site runway shows before, during, and after this season’s Fashion Week, including shows with designers Larry Underwood, Eriko Tamura, Courtney Washington, Patsy Boutique, and a few others!

Go to the Runway Gallery to see the photos!


Hi folks! February 2004 turned out to be a fantastic month for me and Bald Is Beautiful. Although many of these things were recorded, created, done many months before, their appearance in the public eye all converged beautifully during the same time period, making for a flurry of Bald Is Beautiful exposure!

The Bald Is Beautiful revolution WILL be televised! Stay tuned . . . diggit.