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April 2004

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Dearest Homer, 

I just heard from Morley that you have passed over to the “other side”. I will miss seeing your smiling face, your glowing, radiant spirit, your joyful Love and Light. I know you won’t get this message in the physical world, but maybe since this stuff is out there in “cyber space”, it will get to you on the grid . . . 

I Love you forever and always. You are in my mind, heart, spirit, and soul for all eternity as a source of Love, Light, Joy, Presents/Presence, Strength, Power, Courage, Commitment, Honor, Dignity, Grace, and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! 

I know that you are out there dancing in the sky, and the heavens never saw a light so bright as you. The flicker of the stars, the easy whisper of the cool wind, the joyfulness of the sun-kissed leaves on trees, and the luminous glow of the moonlight will forever be how I hold you and your infinite Love in my heart as your Light shines in, within, and around me and the world. 

I LOVE YOU. Until we meet again . . . 

Ciao 4 now.
Peace & love.

Here are some videos capturing this most graceful and inspiring man in motion:

And this one:

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