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My theatrical stage debut comes this month in the originating role of “Pee Dancer” in the Off-Broadway production of The Room, as part of the Urban Pop Theatre Festival at Common Basis Theater in midtown. Two nights only: August 26 & 27!

Find out the not-so-guarded secrets of THE ROOM, a short, three-act play that takes you behind the walls of the ladies room in a nightclub, an office, and a factory. How do women see themselves and treat each other in a place devoted to vanity, pseudo-friendship, and bodily functions? Find out when you view the hilarious and weird relationships women have with THE ROOM. Written by Grisel Acosta, directed by Lou Moreno.

Featuring the all-female, multicultural ensemble cast of Nicole Benisch, Sharon Blynn, Arlene Chico-Lugo, Linda Commodore, Taleia Gilliam, Melissa Gonzalez, Melisa Nicolo, Jennifer Oda, Paola Soto, and Steph Van Vlack.