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February 2005

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The Bald Is Beautiful Revolution was televised . . . thanks to Melissa Etheridge donning her beautiful, radiant bald crown at the 2005 GRAMMYS!
Melissa Etheridge tore the roof of the Shrine Auditorium at this year’s Grammy Awards show for the Janis Joplin Tribute  donning a bold, bad-ass, beautiful, bald head! She sang the @#%&* outta “Piece of My Heart” and that trademark gutteral Joplin scream got a whole lotta extra GUT from Melissa. She reached down into the very core of her soul and let out a gritty growl that was full of the ragepassionpainpower, and beauty of LIFE, which she holds so dear and lives to the fullest with passion, integrity, honesty, and courage. Her radiance was unrivaled by anyone else in that room.

The New York Post did an article (cover story of the Feb 15th paper!), and I was interviewed and quoted as well! The article is so wonderful (thank you, Mr. Heller)  it focuses on the compassion and power of Melissa’s choice to perform without covering her bald head, instead of the “wow, she’s bald” shock value. It shined a light on the idea that women are indeed being made to “hide” or live “in shame” even while facing a life-threatening illness, and that there is another way to be and feel about that, both as a woman and as the society that sees that woman. Yeah.

etheridge grammys nypostr1
There was also a fantastic Q&A follow-up article also in the NY Post and this is what they posed: If you could ask Melissa one question about her cancer journey, what would it be? The article is lovely and the women’s questions and Melissa’s answers shed much Light, as well as a positive and empowering spin, on the typically negative knockin’-on-heaven’s-door portrayal of what cancer looks and feels like. We are strong, we are proud, we are beautiful, we are sexy, and we are kickin’ cancer’s ass!

etheridge Q-A2

Here’s a pic from the People Magazine post-Grammys article . . . beauty!
etheridge grammys