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The Revolution IS being televised!! At the end of October, my first major ad campaign will begin airing on the TV (and it’ll be goin’ global, too — in mags ‘n’ rags and on small screens all over the world)! Bristol-Myers Squibb put together a set of spots of cancer survivors who used their medications for treatment. Directed by Academy Award-nominated Bennett Miller (Capote), the scripts were derived from our own words in the initial interview/audition, and they are all powerful, inspiring, moving pieces.

The beauty of the commercials is we were never asked to “promote” their products; obliterating the myth that you have to make someone feel bad about themselves in order to promote a product, and going for the much more impactful encouragement and supportive message, these spots stand alone as messages of hope, positivity, and inspiration for everyone! There are a couple of “regular folk” (myself for their Ovarian Cancer chemo cocktail and Maria Davis for their HIV medications), and then they did celebrity spots with Lance Armstrong and the divine Lynn Redgrave. The commercials aired on national network and cable channels, as well as a beautiful print campaign in Time, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Week, and more! I’m honored to have been a part of these beautiful, soulful creations.

And mostly, I’m totally jazzed that I got to say “BALD IS BEAUTIFUL” on national television! The Revolution IS being televised, you dig?

In case you missed it, you can see it here:

And here’s is the print ad:


Bristol-Myers Squibb “Together we can prevail” Campaign