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March 2007

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Bald Is Beautiful Livin’ LA-la-land-Vida Loca!

Just a lil’ update on Life in LA-la-land (aka Hollywoodland)! Thing are pretty good so far. I’m enjoying my improv classes at Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre (and seeing tons of improv/comedy there; their shows are part of my self-imposed “laugh therapy” program!), as well as scene study and cold reading classes.

WORKIN’ IT! I booked a commercial for A.E.P. Electric earlier in the year and have done some independent short film projects, too! I’ve had some really strong audition experiences and am starting to meet some amazing folks here, hopefully connecting into the creative milieu where the visionaries exist to cultivate some collabs of monumental proportions (i.e. bring Bald Is Beautiful to da masses)!

LA-la vita e bella ‘n’ bald!