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I booked and shot a worldwide print campaign for KENNETH COLE!!!! It’s part of his “non-uniform thinking” campaign — tagline “We All Walk in Different Shoes” — and will be hittin’ the streets in the fall (possibly mid-July) . . . we’re talkin’ posters, buses, magazine ads, storefront window displays, feature on Kenneth Cole website (w/bio & video interview), and maybe even a billboard in NYC! It’s truly a dream come true! 

I’m so honored to be among the creative, powerful, distinct, passionate people in this campaign. Bald Is Beautiful was just an idea I had during my ovarian cancer journey — and little by little my visions are becoming reality (this one took 7 years!). My initial spark/idea was around the power of merging fashion and activism, and now I’m part of a campaign and vision from someone who is a consistent force for social change and awareness on a global level! 

It’s an affirmation to keep on dreaming and living your dreams! I am so thankful for all of the support, positivity, encouragement, and love I have received over the years as I have been building my visions.

“Our truest joy is when we are in dreams awake.” (so sayeth Thoreau)
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” (so sayeth Ghandi)
“Always smile from the inside out!” (so sayeth moi! heehee.)


Kenneth Cole “We All Walk in Different Shoes” Campaign (Fall 2008)

The Kenneth Cole Fall 2008 campaign has arrived!! “We All Walk in Different Shoes” launched into cyberspace. You can go to the Kenneth Cole website at to see the new round of visionaries (lil’ moi included!) that are marchin’ to the beat of our own drums (or beatboxes, as the case may be). On the KC home page, click on my lil’ smilin’ face on the lefthand side and on the page that opens, you’ll see me smack in the middle of the batch. Click my photo again to see the print ad and view my video interview (and peruse my bio, f’y’like, too!).

Look out for a special campaign insert (featuring two of my images) in the New York Times in the Sept 11 paper, as well as full-page placement in the Metro News.

I will also appear in the Kenneth Cole Awearness blog as a contributor in the “Well-Being” section! My first piece will be up at the beginning of September in observance of September being Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Yahoooo! You can check out the blogsite at to read my piece and many interesting, relevant pieces about politics, world events, and social consciousness from a range of perspectives. Knowledge is power, folks!

It can’t be said enough: I’m so honored to be part of this movement and have my voice and message so wonderfully presented. Thank you to Mr. KC and all the passionate, creative, kick-ass people who created and implemented this campaign. You all rock!