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September 2010

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We’re turning THE WHISPER into a shout!

I’m honored to be the host of the documentary The Whisper: The Silent Crisis of Ovarian Cancer for PBS, premiering on New York’s WLIW21 on September 24 at 7:00pm! There are additional air dates of Sept 27 at 10:30pm & Oct 1 at 11:30pm, after which we hope the national affiliates will pick it up so our message will be heard across the country (but 5 million of my lovely New Yorkers is definitely starting with a big bang!).

Tune in, turn on, shout it out!

Click here to see the 3-minute trailer!
Click here to see a powerful 30-second snippit featuring radiant & beautiful o.c. survivor, Chana Garcia!
Click here to see a 30-second snippit featuring me, your humble Bald Is Beautiful o.c. warrior!

You can also view the entire documentary HERE (if it’s locked, the password is: baldisbeautiful).

Lifetime Television Celebrates Remarkable Women — Honors Bald Is Beautiful!

I’ve been selected to be part of Lifetime Television’s “Remarkable Women” campaign! The 30-second spot with run the week of Sept 17–23, at least once a day, and it will be on the Lifetime website forever and ever and ever (with a live link to this site, to boot)!

Click here for the Lifetime TV link!

Here’s the spot:

That’s right, lovelies: the Bald Is Beautiful Revolution WILL be televised!