Alternatives… Outside the Box

Alternatives… Outside the Box

There are many paths to the top of the mountain. These “alternatives” may or may not be the thing for you, but there is value in being open to having a different understanding and perspective about your body other than what we have been taught by Mom ’n Dad ‘n Doc. Even if you don’t use any of these methods, the information and perspective is infinitely valuable.

Cancer and Careers

Comedy Cures

Clinical Trials

Crazy Sexy Cancer



Boundless inspiration and resources . . .

Healers Who Share

Founded by David Slater; a consortium of natural healers who combine their knowledge and experience to create remedies unique and personal to each person’s journey.

Musicians on Call

National Center for Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

Positive Exposure

Not cancer-related, but a very inspirational organization working in the realm of genetic conditions and children to engender compassion, acceptance, and expanded consciousness about who we are as human beings, and finding the grace and beauty in whatever form our bodies come.

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